10 Top Health Benefits of Eating Crickets #Shocking You!

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December 15, 2017

Sometimes, to keep ourselves healthy means to push our limits, keep on looking for possibilities, alternatives that can replace the old, established conventions. Experiences and a handful or researches has taught us that alternatives are indeed everywhere, possibilities are limitless. But sometimes, some findings and discoveries are deemed going too far. Take for instance, protein in insects. The first time we read about those findings, we might think that yes, insects do contain protein (approximately 12.9g for 100g of crickets and 20.6 for grasshoppers), and yes, some of them are edible.

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But the most pressing question would be, do we really need to eat crickets for proteins? We mean, insects? seriously? The answer would be, yes, and no. Yes, because compared to some other protein sources, crickets have way lot to offer for each grams. Not only proteins, they also contain fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates. No, because, well, we don’t have to eat crickets if we don’t want to. Besides, they’re still hard to come by in some countries and the means to mass produce and breed them as livestock (just like poultry and cattle) aren’t currently viable.

Still, it’s still important to keep our minds open and also to keep ourselves from jumping into conclusions. In the near future, it might be viable enough to produce some nutritional supplements based on crickets. As a matter of fact, there are some food manufacturers already on their way producing and marketing “cricket flours”, which are basically crickets in powdered form. That approach is certainly welcome, because while people might be tempted to give crickets a try, the  factors are still there. Read More


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